Sunday, February 24, 2019


Sapphire Builds 16GB Radeon for Crypto-Mining

Etherum is dead, Long live Grin: The Radeon RX 570 has equal 16 GB of video memory and is intended for the Cuckaroo / Cuckatoo algorithm. The course of Grin has already...

Bitmain’s influence is falling sharply, mining more diversified again?

Over the year 2018, the proportion of bitcoin mined (BTC) that was not attributed to any known mining pool has risen sharply from six to 22 percent. At the same time, the...

Monero 4.2 percent come from illegal mining

Monero has long been considered a favorite coin of the malware Miner. No other cryptocurrency is "involuntarily" spiced as often as XMR. An extensive analysis of the researchers Sergio Pastrana (Universidad Carlos...

Ethereum Classic is subject to 51 percent attack

At the weekend, Ethereum Classic - is currently under attack: more than half of the miners are at times malicious and produce double spends. A classic 51 percent attack.


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Cryptosolartech ceases operations

The new Spanish company CryptoSolarTech had planned praiseworthy things: the construction of a crypto-mining plant that covers its energy supply with only...