World’s first Bitcoin Mining TV


Cozy on the couch, the favorite series is running while relish Digging bitcoins. So at least that is the plan of Canaan, with the TV “AvalonMiner Inside” bring the first Bitcoin Mining TV on the market.

The device has a hash rate of 2.8 TH / s and thus less than e.g. the Avalonminer 821 with 11.5 TH / s. Still, this performance is still impressive for a TV. The Avalon TV, according to Canaan driven by artificial intelligence and he has a voice control. In addition, the device calculates the profitability of Bitcoin mining in real time. That sounds almost too good to be true.

What is the catch?

Of course, there is a catch, because the scrapped cryptocurrency can only be used to buy entertainment content or physical gifts via the Canaan platform. Unfortunately there is no integrated Bitcoin Wallet.

This makes TV bitcoin mining like redeeming vouchers or bonus points.

Of course you should not ignore the electricity costs of such a device.

Why a Bitcoin Mining TV?

The TV seems to be a funny gadget, really groundbreaking or not useful. Canaan sold 300,000 miners last year and had a turnover of $ 205 million.

According to the South China Morning Post, Canaan is interested in distributing its own products, as it may be dangerous for them to only bet on Bitcoin Miner. So the assortment should be extended.

Canaan is convinced that the demand for a Bitcoin Mining TV is high. But it is doubtful if a Bitcoin Mining TV is the right approach. Especially in areas where the electricity is expensive, the TV will probably not arrive well.

Xiao Lei, a Bitcoin analyst from Beijing, said:

It looks rather like a hype […] It would make more sense if the company could incorporate the miner function into existing and well-known TV brands.

image by shutterstock