Sapphire builds dual RX-470 for miners


If you look around at the Computex 2018 in the graphics card, motherboard and housing manufacturers, you will inevitably discover many products that were developed specifically for mining crypto currencies such as Ethereum and Monero. A not necessarily meaningful, but interesting solution for the player, the AMD-exclusive board partner Sapphire in the luggage:

The mining rig Inca CS-14

Basically, it is a complete system to be able to mine different coins without having to worry about their own hardware compilations. The names are the total of 14 Polaris 10 graphics chips, each with 8 GiByte GDDR5 memory, but not sitting on 14 different PCBs. Rather, seven dual graphics cards are used, which have never made it to the retail market in this form.

Sapphire simply calls her Dual-RX-470. The PCBs are reminiscent of the two Radeon Pro Duo with two Polaris 20 chips, but the board partner has modified the boards with two eight-pin instead of one six-pin and eight-pin power connectors. The PCBs are provided with large heatsinks, which are held by the case fans on temperature – the 100 to 150 watts heat dissipation per GPU (depending on the degree of optimization and clock) should cool off so well.

The sense of such dual-graphics cards seems logical: Seven larger graphics cards take up less space than 14 slightly smaller, moreover, the motherboard needs only half of PEG-PCI-E-x16 slots. Theoretically, a GPU would have to make do with half the PCI-E bandwidth, but in practice, this plays no role in mining, so that video cards are often connected only with a lane anyway.

image by shutterstock