Russia Invests $125,000,000 in Mining Farm in Norwegian Forests


The Russian New Mining Company, a renowned business providing large-scale openings and mining solutions for crypto, has been working on a momentous Norwegian investment of $125,000,000. In a new farm, it hopes to establish several thousand mining units.

The construction of the farm will start in August, it will be located in the municipality Alvdal, where there are already farms of entrepreneurs from Israel, China, Japan, Kazakhstan and USA.

The Norwegian intelligence service will check the Russian miners because of the proximity to the NATO firing range.

Our Russian partners are aware of the intentions of the Norwegian intelligence services and ready for inspection — because they have nothing to hide from the government.

The representative of the intelligence service refused to comment on the plans of the Department.

In October in the vicinity Alvdal will be the largest ever NATO exercises: they will be attended by 40 thousand soldiers, 130 planes and several hundred pieces of equipment.

image by shutterstock