Innosilicon A10 EthMaster 485 MH/s


Recently, Innosilicon has shown and announced to the public some new products for cryptocurrency mining. Specifically, during the conference held in China, the ASIC manufacturer announced the new Innosilicon A10 EthMaster, an ASIC for mining of Ethereum able to reach a hashrate of 485 MH/s.

There are three variants that will be made available: one from 365 MH/s, one from 430 MH/s and an extreme version of well 485 MH/s.

Let’s see some more information.

Innosilicon A10 EthMaster: the ASIC for mining of Ethereum from 485 MH / s

Too many details have emerged for now, if not performance, consumption and presumed prices. The presentation was private and the press releases have not yet been distributed. Looking at the photos and rummaging through the various tweets, we can see the main details.

The model in question, the Innosilicon A10 EthMaster, boasts a hashrate in Ethash mining equal to 430 MH/s. This is double compared to the Bitmain solution, which offers 200 MH / s with a consumption of about 800 Watt.

Good declared consumption, equal to 740 Watt for the 430 MH/s model. Virtually double efficiency compared to Bitmain. As mentioned before, there will also be two other variants.

In fact, the Innosilicon A10 EthMaster can go up to 485 MH/s with a consumption of 850 Watt in the extreme version.