Here comes the B3 GMO Miner


The Japanese company behind the project however is apparently ready with a successor – the GMO miner B3 that will be offering variable hashrate of 24-33 THS with 1950-3417 Watts of power usage respectively at the same price of 1999 USD.

The new miners will come with 180 days of warranty and the price includes a 4 kW power supply as well. GMO is already taking pre-orders for the new B3 miners and you can pay using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or USD with shipping expected to start in November 2018.

Though high-speed computing chips is important in mining cryptocurrency, mining efficiency could also be enhanced by adjusting the clock rate in corresponding to the difficulty of computation from global hash rate.

The power efficiency will be lowered by simply running chips faster.

The mining efficiency will be worse off if the machine only operates in low-speed power-saving mode.

The new GMO B3 ASIc miners come with the same base specifications, but there is an extra that allows the device to either automatically adjust performance or the user to optimize it so that it can reach up to 33 THS hashrate with reduced power efficiency.

GMO miner B3 is a mining machine with the know-how acquired in the mining business of GMO Internet Group.

It is able to automatically conducts optimized actions at all time according to data such as global hash rate and power cost.

image by GMO

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