Freer the ”beautiful” cryptocurrency mining rig


A Russian design studio has developed the Freer a “beautiful” cryptocurrency mining rig. The fashionable “Freer” is a modular, customizable home mining device. It comes in different colors, displays and sets of ports, depending on the requirements of the client. Meanwhile, members of the Russian crypto community have urged the government to classify individual miners as self-employed which could lower their taxes from 13% to 3%.

You have to admit, mining rigs are not the best-looking pieces of engineering. That’s okay when talking about industrial-grade hardware; racks upon racks of ASICs in some former factory in Russia, China, or America. But domestic devices, homemade or purchased, are not aesthetically pleasing. They are often just a skeleton frame, with half a dozen video cards, cables and fans, and, if you are lucky, you’ll get all that in an ugly square box with the fans visible on the outside. Whatever the case, it’s not something you would want to see in your living room.

A Russian design studio has decided to remedy that. They’ve recently launched their first “beautiful” miner, an aesthetically pleasing home mining device that is modular and customizable. It offers a number of ports on the back, a choice of displays on the front showing the mined coins, and it comes in different color schemes. The designers have described their creation in a poem published on their website lauding its curved shapes, extraordinary beauty and discreetly hidden cooling system: “More fashionable than an iPhone, the new geek’s dream.”

The prototype, called “Freer”, comes as a shell and manufacturers are free to place their own mining hardware inside the box. Art Lebedev, the studio run by famous Russian designer, entrepreneur, and blogger Artemy Lebedev, has not wasted time on the engineering side but has focused primarily on the design aspect of the project. The company did not reveal details about the client who ordered its first artistic mining rigs but published some of the sketches drawn during the development of the final concept.