Fake shops offer fake graphics cards


Several online stores are currently offering fake graphics cards under MSI branding. The manufacturer warns against buying from unauthorized dealers. There is a great danger of getting a fake.

Two vendors call MSI explicit: http://msi-stores.com/ and http://www.mc-stores.com/ are not trusted vendors and thus are not supplied with products by MSI. The graphics cards offered cost only a fraction of the regular street price. The hefty discount of over 80% is intended to attract unsuspecting buyers. It is very unlikely to get a graphics card at all when shopping at the fake shops. In the best case, an outdated model with engineered firmware will be sent.

“We would like to sincerely thank all fans and communities worldwide who support us and our products. As a leading gaming brand, we are committed to providing gamers with the best gaming experience. However, we have noticed that recently unauthorized traders offer counterfeit MSI products on the Internet. We therefore advise you to purchase MSI products only from authorized retailers, distributors and shops to avoid the risk of purchasing a counterfeit product!

The following websites are NOT among the official MSI sites or our authorized retailers, so you should not purchase any products there! Many Thanks.”

MSI Website