Bitmain WiFi routers can mine cryptos


Mining Cryptocurrencies while surfing and there is no risk to catch malware or otherwise involved in dubious machinations? With Bitmain, this can now become a reality. The Chinese crypto giant has announced to launch its own WiFi routers, which can mine coins – while surfing the net itself.

Only a few days ago it became known that Canaan – despite recent declining hardware productions – wants to bring a television as a mining device on the market. Now Bitmain relents and introduces its own program for successful cryptomining. Qarnot already has a cryptomining heater.

The idea is certainly in the foreground

If you are dealing with cryptocurrencies or you are involved in the mining business, then this is certainly the idea first and foremost. On the other hand, profits tend to be in the background in such developments. Two Bitmain Wi-Fi routers will be available in the future: Antrouter R3-Dash and Antrouter R3-SIA to give them the opportunity to mine Dash and Siacoin (SC).

Spiced up R3 models from Bitmain

Both routers are further developments from the R3 series of Bitmain – you can buy them with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin. For a price of 58 US dollars, the devices of the first batch should be available. Certainly a price that makes a purchase lucrative and moves within the usual framework. In comparison: For a Fritz! Box 4040 you pay currently 90 dollars.

You should also be able to generate other coins with it

Within a delivery period of ten days after payment, the R3 crypto routers are to be shipped. After connecting to the World Wide Web, Bitmain makes it possible to mine cryptos. This is what you want to realize about the Antpool of Bitmain. At the same time, a Bitmain account is created for each buyer so that their own mining status can be checked at any time.

With the R3-DASH, it should only be possible to mine Dash for the time being. However, other X11 coins can be won – but Bitmain does not guarantee sufficient performance for the router. The R3-SIA Wifi router should be able to mine Blake2b Coins as well as Siacoin. Regarding the performance of the devices bitmain but also hereby gives no guarantee. At 600 grams in weight, both bitmain crypto routers are relatively lightweight, consuming between 22.6 and 24.37 watts of power.