Asus motherboard H370 Mining Master with 20 × USB for graphics cards

H370 Mining Master

Asus has announced a motherboard specially adapted for GPU mining systems.

The H370 Mining Master does not rely on PCIe x1 slots, as it is common for mining mainboards, but takes a different approach, thus making room for a total of 20 graphics cards.

Although there is a PCIe x16 slot, but this is only for the use of an (optional) graphics card is intended to output a picture. Of course, mining can also be operated on this. On the other hand, another 20 graphics cards can be connected via 20 USB sockets, which are located exactly where the PCIe x1 slots are usually located.

Riser cards with PCIe x1 are no longer necessary

Riser cards for connecting GPUs to a PCIe x1 slot (example) consist of a small card that translates PCIe x1 to USB. The PCIe x16 slot is then connected via USB, the board of which is powered directly from the power supply via a SATA power connection. The new mainboard from Asus eliminates the need for the PCIe x1 plug-in card to USB. The more direct connection should also reduce possible communication problems between the hardware.

In addition, Asus also wants to make it easier for purchasers of the Asus H370 Mining Master to find faulty graphics cards. At each startup, the motherboard not only checks to see if a graphics card is present on the USB port, but also whether it is reporting correct operation. If this is not the case, it can be determined by means of a graphical interface, which USB port and thus which graphics card is affected by the problem.

In addition, the H370 Mining Master offers the eponymous H370 chipset for LGA-1151 processors from Intel. The ATX-style motherboard features two memory banks, two SATA ports, six USB ports on the I / O panel, and a Gigabit LAN port. Monitors can be connected via DVI and HDMI.

Available from the third quarter – but probably only in the US

Asus has announced the availability of the H370 Mining Master in the third quarter of this year, but for the time being only for North America. At Computex, which will take place in early June, Asus wants to demonstrate the mining board in action. The predecessor Asus B250 Mining Expert offered only space for 18 mining graphics cards via PCIe x1 slot – there was also a PCIe-16 slot here.

images by Asus