Apple kills crypto-mining on iPhone and iPad


Apple prohibits direct mining of cryptocurrencies on iPhone and iPad.

The Cupertino company has updated its app developer guidelines. Now there is a passage about mining cryptocurrencies. In the future, such apps are prohibited, which perform the mining directly on the devices. If mining instead takes place in cloud servers, or at least not on the device itself, it is still allowed.

Did Apple get the censorship pen out again? Presumably, in this situation, some users will speak of censorship.

Apple protects devices and users

Rather, the iPhone maker is doing both the customer and the devices something good. Apple does not show with this reaction that it is against crypto-mining.

Instead, users should be happy to know that you have more of your devices for a long time and are not inefficiently throwing money out the window. At the moment, crypto-mining on the iPhone or iPad is one thing above all: a resource-eater. But you get even after days and weeks of mine work no reasonably meaningful share of any crypto currency. You pay for it.

Partially operated apps even without the consent of the users. They used resources to generate cryptocurrency for the app developer.

Wallets and marketplaces continue allowed

You can continue trading with cryptocurrencies through the mobile devices. Because only such apps are prohibited, trying to make calculations directly on the devices.

Apple also protects against sluggishness in ICOs

There is also a small addition when trading cryptocurrencies. If new cryptop currencies are offered on the initial issue (ICO, initial coin offering) via an app, then only from the official side. If it is not a certified bank or comparable financial services provider, such apps may no longer offer ICOs.

Even so, Apple protects its users. Because in the recent past, unfortunately too much bumbling was driven with it. Some idea providers collected funds for a new cryptocurrency. Then a few weeks or months later, the plug was pulled in the project. The users stayed seated on their investments.

image by shutterstock