Antminer Z9 40K Sol/s ASIC Miner for Equihash


Bitmain is starting to sell the “full” Antminer Z9 that will supposedly offer 40000 Sol/s for Equihash mining at 1150W of power usage with deliveries starting at the beginning of September and priced at $3319 USD.

The Antminer Z9 can be preordered at Bitmain’s official site right now. As usual, they have a limited amount of units for sale so they might run out of stock anytime.

Antminer Z9 = Antminer Z9 Mini?

A Z9 Mini hashes 10 Ksol/s with a power consumption of 260W and a price of $850 USD (for the September batch). The Z9 hashes ~41 Ksol/s with a power consumption of 1150W and a price of $3319 USD. We can observe a 4x increase in hashrate together with a 4x increase both in price and power consumption. This means that the Antminer Z9 is basically four Z9 Minis stacked together.

In other words, by purchasing an Antminer Z9 you are basically buying a pack of four Antminer Z9 Minis in one box. There is no difference between the two – Both models offer the same $/sol and the same Watt/sol.