AntEater with 17.2T hash/s Coolisys SuperMiner


Coolisys Technologies, Inc. (“Coolisys”) is launching a new line of crypto-mining units, the “SuperMiner” with the first miner model called the “AntEater.” The AntEater features the 10 nanometer (“nm”) mining chipset jointly developed by Samsung/Innosilicon, which has been integrated with Coolisys’ highly-efficient power system. The AntEater is an ASIC Bitcoin crypto-miner designed to operate faster while emitting less heat than any other similarly dedicated miner currently available.

Coolisys anticipates that the AntEater will be available for delivery in four weeks and can be reserved now at, a division of Super Crypto Mining, Inc.

The first of the line, built around a 10nm mining chipset jointly developed by Samsung and Innosilicon, is called ‘AntEater’ and can operate at 17.2T hash/s.

“We wanted to push the envelope by developing the AntEater based on a 10nm chip because it was the newest technology available,” said Coolisys CEO Amos Kohn. “The industry has been anxious to find an alternative to Bitmain and Avalon.”

AntEater has dynamic frequency and temperature scaling for reliable performance under varied conditions.

Super Crypto’s ANTEATER Mining Machine is the next generation BTC mining product that adopts the state-of-the-art semiconductor technology with the innovative dynamic frequency scaling architecture for added efficiency and reliability. The typical hash rate reaches over 17.2TH/S per miner, and power consumption can go as low as 85W/TH at the wall in the high efficiency mode. The ANTEATER miners will generate considerable better ROI, cost much less to operate over competition, and will be the last one standing as today’s mining difficulty increases sharply. The ANTEATER is likely to operate with profit and good re-sell values when other miners become obsolete in the sharp difficulty rise.

  • Hash Rate: 17.2 TH/s. A variation of +/-6% is expected
  • Power Consumption: 1430W +10% (at the wall, with 93% efficiency PSU, 40 degree C temperature)
  • Chip Type: Samsung 10nm ASIC (full custom with ADC and dynamic frequency scaling techniques)
  • Dimensions: 400mm(L) x 180mm(W) x 150mm(H)
  • Weight: 7.5KG
  • Operating Temperature: 0-50 degrees

image by Coolisys