AMD Radeon Pro V340: Vega 10 in a double pack

Radeon Pro V340

In China, AMD has talked about the company’s professional graphics solutions. The presentation unveiled a new model: The AMD Radeon Pro V340 is equipped with 32 GB of HBM2 and uses GPU virtualization for up to 32 users. This is not possible Vega 20, but Vega 10 in a double pack.

The presentation, which can be viewed entirely on Slideshare, is titled “Evolution of Professional Graphics“. AMD first pointed to the upcoming Radeon Instinct with Vega reissue in 7 nm. At Computex, AMD had already shown the new Vega 20 GPU with 32 GB HBM2 and announced a debut on a new Radeon Instinct for the professional segment around deep learning.

Details about Vega 20 have not been revealed so far. It is clear that the memory bandwidth is doubled at the same clock, because due to the four HBM2 stacks, the memory interface is expanded to 4,096 bits. At least the basic structure of the actual GPU is according to speculation exactly the same as with Vega 10: Also Vega 20 is to offer 64 Compute Units.

AMD Radeon Pro V340

AMD finally unveils the new AMD Radeon Pro V340. Also equipped with 32 GB HBM2, the assumption arises that Vega 20 is already being used here. But looking back, there were already indications of a V340 model for the professional series, which point in a completely different direction. The entry “VEGA10 GLXT V340 MBA” appeared in a list of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC). Since Vega 10 offers a maximum of 16 GB, it can only be Vega 10 in a double pack. A dual GPU solution would not be new to AMD in this segment, as shown for example by the Radeon Pro Duo with two Polaris GPUs.

image by AMD