232 MH/s with the Subutai Blockchain Router


The Subutai Blockchain Router is a power-efficient, “green” broadband Cloud router and open hardware IoT gateway. It serves as a plug-and-play cryptocurrency wallet and mining device that allows users to easily enter the cryptocurrency economy. Using just 18W, the Subutai Blockchain Router is eco-friendly and cost-effective, requiring 1,083% less energy over GPU-based mining devices —a critically important consideration in today’s energy-aware environment.

The Subutai Blockchain Router takes another approach to enabling a turnkey solution that’s flexible like GPU’s, unlike ASICs, and has high performance (hash rates) with low power consumption. The “green” mining appliance uses low power consuming yet performant reprogrammable chips called Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA).

The next generation of the Residential Edition of the Subutai Blockchain Router (an advanced broadband router that also serves as a plug-and-play cryptocurrency wallet and mining device) will draw 50-75 watts at a hash rate of 232 MH/s.

The Subutai Blockchain Router v2.0 comes pre-installed with Subutai tuned and hardware accelerated version of Subutai’s PeerOS. As with the standalone Subutai PeerOS software, the Blockchain Router can register with the Subutai Bazaar to allow users to quickly list, share, and sell compute resources.

As a flexible IoT gateway, the Blockchain Router allows devices on the edge to be securely and efficiently connected to cloud applications. Subutai treats the cloud and the fog as one and the same, in a single continuum, to prevent unnecessary round-trip device communication with servers in data centers from impacting performance and security. As a multifunction device it can be configured to be a media center, a home/industrial automation and security system.