1 cent tip in 380 minutes


Instead of sacrificing precious pocket money, student loans or salary, viewers on Twitch can now crypto-reward their favorite streamers. But they will not be rich.

Spectators have a new opportunity on the live streaming platform Twitch to support their favorite broadcasters: The service provider Tipeeestream offers the option to choose cryptomining as a payment option. For example, viewers can provide 10 to 100 percent of their CPU performance for mining, generating a certain number of hashes over a self-determined time. The sum earned by their fans receive the broadcasters as a tip – if the minimum sum of 10 € is reached.

Twitch.tv is the world’s most popular live streaming platform. It is customary for spectators to tip the streamers for good gameplay, a good joke, or simply to deliver a message. Because these so-called donations are usually accompanied by a donation alert, consisting of sound and GIF. The amount of benefits varies from a few euros to several thousand euros.

Achieving a significant sum by cryptomining, however, is difficult. With a million hashes, you have only earned a penny. And even that can take a long time, depending on the processor. With a Ryzen 5 and 50 percent CPU power, for example, you need 380 minutes, or six hours. The clearly flottier Threadripper manages that after all in 135 minutes.

If you want to give the streamer of his choice a whole Euro, you need with a Ryzen 5 1600 at 50 percent for a whopping 26 days, with the Threadripper 9.4 days – and if you’re serious and 90 percent performance of his Threadrippers for mining turns off, one has generated after 5.7 days one euro. Streamer Dracon of Twitch.tv/Dracon commented on the decision on Twitter as follows: “Your viewers were effectively paying more (over the cost of electricity) than having anything of it.” Tipeeestream, in turn, tweeted: “Yeah, it’s not much, but if anyone would run it in the background, it could bring something.”

image by shutterstock